News: 2005

Published 2005-07-01 by GCPRI Groupe-Conseil PRI moves to its new office

With our office now at 1255 Université, #220 (corner Ste-Catherine), Montreal Quebec. Since its inception in 2002 it enables us to supply to our clients and this gives us the advantage of sourcing top candidates.

Published 2005-04-01 by GCPRI Groupe-Conseil PRI announces its acquisition of all DBA activities

We are so glad to announce the new acquisition of all DBA activities (Denault, Bergeron and Associates). This prestigious firm was created in 1988 and specialized as consultant in the information and technology environment.

Published 2005-03-01 by GCPRI Groupe-Conseil PRI Inc. announced its merger with Tangente Informatique Conseil Inc.

We are proud to announce the merger of Tangente Informatique Conseils’s activities with those of Groupe-Conseil PRI Inc. This transaction will provide increased leverage for Groupe-Conseil PRI Inc.’s service offer and consulting expertise, which in turn will benefit our clients.

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